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2005-03-14 - 9:57 a.m.

What is up with all these Garden Lions everywhere? For some reason, I have keyed in on the things and they're driving me nuts. They are everywhere, especially in East Palo Alto. I see them on my way into work. Most houses just have one set, but some have two. Last night we noticed them while driving through Newark. What the hell? Why do people buy these things and why on earth do they believe they look good in front of their houses? Is there some secret club for garden lion owners? Do they represent protection of some kind? Are the homeowners obsessed with the Lion King? If I bought a house that had garden lions on the fence posts, I would add a provision in the contract requiring the previous owners to remove them before moving out. They are just sooooo tacky! In this area, the most popular variety is the ones with one paw up. Rawrrrrr.....

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Fine Art - 2005-03-14